Shopify plus vs. BigCommerce: Why Shopify is the best platform

Are you a new entrepreneur who is searching for an enterprise e-commerce platform? If yes, two great platforms can help you to create a professional site. You can either use Shopify plus or BigCommerce. They come with a user-friendly interface to enable you to draft a site without involving a designer. At times, designers can create a low-quality site that can hinder the growth of your business.

Also, they can charge a massive amount of money which some newbies cannot afford. Having either of these platforms, you will start your enterprise business quickly. They have a drag and drop editor to enable you to achieve this. However, they perform differently. Here are the reasons why Shopify plus is a great platform:

Shopify plus is a cheap platform

Saving money is great as you can use the money to expand your business. In this essence, selecting a more affordable platform should be your priority. However, there are cheaper platforms with less advanced features. In this case, choosing one that will enhance the functionality of your business is excellent. Shopify plus comes with unique features and is cheaper as compared to BigCommerce. With Shopify plus, you will start with a basic plan of $ 29.00 per month and an advanced plan of $ 299.00 per month. The Big Commerce begins with a standard plan of $ 29.95 per month and a pro plan of $ 249.95 per month.

Shopify plus has a clear web design

The design of your site is essential as it can enhance customers’ experience. When customers land on your site, the first thing they encounter is the design of your site. In this essence, you need to make it professional to convince customers that you offer quality products. Shopify plus comes with 61 responsive themes. These themes can provide your site with a modern design. 10 of them are free to enable the entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints to select one for their business. The responsiveness design will allow those customers using a mobile device to browse online, navigate easily by any device. Also, Shopify plus has a section editor to let you to drag and drop elements in your place of choice.

The BigCommerce is not much far behind. It has 105 responsive themes. 7 of them are free. They have a customization option to enable you to make changes and come up with a unique site.

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Shopify vs. BigCommerce

Shopify plus mobile optimization

Many customers use the mobile device to browse online. Hence, optimizing your site for a mobile device is crucial as millions of customers will view your website. The Shopify plus comes with responsive themes to enable you tocreate a site that will look great on all mobile devices. Also, Shopify plus provides a mobile App SDK to enable you todevelop the commerce apps and integrate purchasing into your mobile application.

Although BigCommerce has responsive themes, it lacks the integration App to enhance purchases using the mobile device.

Shopify plus App store

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to run a business with that grows. Hence, to enhance the growth, you need to add more tools. An enterprise e-commerce platform with the ability to scale your business should be your priority. Shopify plus comes with 1,400 Apps. These Apps will help you market your products, manage your business, keep records, reporting and customer support. You can choose the free App or pay for those that are not free. However, Shopify plus offers few Apps on the basic plan than on the advanced plan.
The BigCommerce offers 250 Apps to enhance the functionality of your business. However, this enterprise e-commerce platform offers more tools on their basic plan to improve the growth of your business.

By comparing Shopify vs. BigCommerce, the two enterprise e-commerce platforms have features that work almost the same. Nevertheless, Shopify plus turns out to be a winner.

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