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The only 3 Differences between BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus that matter to enterprise ecommerce

Starting en ecommerce business can definitely be very challenging and it doesn’t help that one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is a pretty difficult one as well, and that is finding the perfect ecommerce platform. Today we are going to make an enterprise ecommerce comparison of BigCommerce vs. Shopify plus and take a look at some of the differences between the two, so keep reading to find out more.

To start off, we are going to be talking about the features that these platforms offer, and even though we are talking about differences, we have to start by saying that both of these platforms are similar in the way that they both offer you an incredibly wide range of features. When talking about Shopify Plus, a difference we are going to touch on is the fact that thanks to an app called Traffic Control you will be able to easily transition to this platform from another one, while also maintaining the SEO capabilities, and this is something that BigCommerce doesn’t offer. On the other hand, BigCommerce Enterprise will give you the option of a one page checkout, which Shopify Plus doesn’t offer.

Next we are going to talk about the add-on and different applications that the platforms offer. If you have heard of Shopify Plus then you have also heard of the amazing App store which comes with over 1500 applications and add-ons, and they all give you the ability to add any function to your ecommerce. The other part of this enterprise ecommerce comparison, BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus, definitely doesn’t have all of those apps. However, a difference between the two that we have to note is the fact that BigCommerce Enterprise comes with more tools “out of the box”, so you may not need as many add-ons and apps with it as you would with Shopify Plus.

The last thing that we are going to talk about is the payment gateways, and again we can see a difference here. While both platforms work with PayPal, Sage Payment Solutions, Authorize.Net and more, the difference is in the amount of extra gateways that you will get. With Shopify Plus that number is over 70, while with BigCommerce Enterprise is 38, and that is definitely a significant difference.

When looking at BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus overall, the platforms seem pretty similar, and that is exactly why we feel that looking at the differences is equally as important. We hope that this enterprise ecommerce comparison was helpful and that looking at the differences helped you make your decision.

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