BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus

The Retailers Review for enterprise ecommerce comparison: BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus

 Finding the right ecommerce platform for your business can really be a challenge, and the fact that there are so many great ones out there really doesn’t make your job any easier. If you have ever done any research on platforms however, you have probably come across BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus and you know that they are some of the best out there. In the article bellow we are going to take a look at an enterprise ecommerce comparison of BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus, so keep reading to learn a little bit more about them.

First of all, we are going to talk about the thing that is usually the deciding factor, and that is the price. However, when looking at these two options, the price isn’t something that we feel will be that deciding factor because both BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are pretty close. The prices for BigCommerce go around $900 to $1500 a month, while Shopify Plus will set you back $1200 a month. As you can see, the difference isn’t that great and if you have the money to spend for one of them, then you can probably also afford the other.

Something that could be the deciding factor in this enterprise ecommerce comparison of BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus are the features. Both of them do have a very wide range of features and will give you all of the essential tools that will help you with the sales and both of them will offer you multichannel selling capabilities, which is great. The difference is that Shopify Plus will give you a more smooth transition from your existing platform through an app called Traffic Control, while BigCommerce Enterprise will give you a great filtered search which will allow your customers to search for the products they need by applying different filters.

The design is a very important part of every ecommerce website, so we have to take a look at what these platforms can offer. While both of them will give you great design options and will allow you to create a really stunning website, it is definitely no secret that Shopify Plus, and Shopify in general, is known for the amazing themes it offers. You will have your pick between free and premium ones, and you can be sure that you will find something that will really fit your style.

Now that you have seen this BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus enterprise platform comparison it’s time for you to take a look at your business and see what it needs. That is a great way for you to see exactly which platform will fit your business the best, and combined with this article we hope you will be able to make the right choice.

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